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Is your website invisible to Search Engines ?

In an effort to promote your website, you may have followed conventional methods or even invested in online advertising, but if you are looking to do business online, you will benefit from a high ranking in the mainstream search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you to achieve this. It is a process designed to ensure a website performs to its full potential and appears as high as possible in relevant search results.

The most straightforward and economical way to implement SEO is to ensure fundamental standards are followed when your website is designed and developed.

We ensure such standards are always followed and we produce websites that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but accessible to users and search engine friendly.

If these practices were not followed when your website was developed, we can provide a clear analysis and make recommendations for optimising or redesigning your website.

Why SEO Is Important

Those who have been involved in the active management of a website will need little convincing that SEO is a necessary part of developing and promoting a website.

However, not all people who comission websites have heard of SEO themselves and understand why they need to consider it.

Studies have shown that most users don't click past the first three pages of search results and some don't even click past the first page.

This means if your site isn't listed in the first three pages, your online business could be seriously disadvantaged. And if you've invested substantially in your website, appearing on the first page of relevant search results should be your target.

It is usually a few months before your website will see the benefits of SEO, but whereas money runs out and results soon fade with traditional marketing methods, comissioning a professionally designed webite can be affordable and have long lasting results with excellent returns.

Social Media Monitoring

With the explosion of Social Media now driving customers intent before they decide to buy. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + etc all now shape buying decisions for your product / service.  It is impossible to be everywhere for everyone. You need automation / scheduling / monitoring and management.  Whatever you sell , would you like to know almost immediately when some mentions your niche in a post, tweet or Forum question etc.  We can do this for you - or show you how tou can manage this yourself with training and consultancy.

SEO is not the only part to increasing sales anymore. Having both is your ideal scenario.

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