High Quality Translation

Navix unites professional translators with DTP specialists and a highly advanced translation data system.

All our translators are professional full-time translators who are certified by ITI, ATA and other professional institutions in their own countries. With years of experience, they only translate into their mother tongue.

Trados is the world's leading globalisation management software and a key part of our technical infrastructure which is designed to produce the most effective and accurate translation.

We also have in place strict internal standards to help us maintain quality. All of our work is checked against these standards throughout the process and brought into compliance before completion.

We believe its important to understand our customers' needs before we start on any project, so we make sure we understand the project and plan accordingly. Our project managers and DTP specialists are multilingual and will work with you to deliver satisfying, high-quality translation.

Advanced technologies

A translation memory, or TM, is a database system designed to assist human translators and streamline the translation process. Using a TM enables our translators to search for and, where appropriate, reuse phrases or paragraphs from a record of previous translations. This gives strict control over the consistency of work and helps us to provide fast cost-effective translation.

Our system enables us to:

  • Establish a translation database
  •  Reuse terms and paragraphs  
  • Avoid re-translation of the same material  
  • Automatically edit in FrameMaker and Indesign  
  • Apply the data to multiple languages    

We use the following software:  
  • FrameMaker  
  • InDesign  
  • Illustrator  
  • Photoshop PageMaker  
  • InCopy  
  • MS Office applications