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Navix Europe can provide a marketing strategy to promote your business or website. We offer comprehensive creative and consultancy services to combine both online and offline marketing methods.

We have experience covering a range of techniques and media, from online advertising to printed literature. We will advise on the best strategy to suit your specific needs.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is not simply offline marketing applied to a new medium. It includes methods such as pay per click advertising, banner ads, email marketing and search engine optimisation.

The tone and style of marketing in the online world can be different to traditional marketing. For example, email marketing can create a more direct contact between you and your customer, allowing communication on a more personalised level and resembling human conversation.

Online marketing will target your audience more precisely, allowing for better market segmentation, more dynamic customer databases and improved customer profiling.

Finally, an important benefit of online marketing is the ability to expand from a local market into both national and international marketplaces at a low cost.

Email Campaigns

After a slow start, email marketing has finally caught on in the UK. Almost 70% of email users in this country have made online purchases as a result of receiving permission-based email marketing.

Compared to traditional direct mail, permission-based email marketing is cost effective, faster and provides a more accurate method to measure results and gather information.

We offer a complete email marketing service. From an initial consultation, we will determine your marketing needs, develop a strategic campaign and complete the delivery. We will then provide a follow-up analysis to assist with the successful management of your customer database and future campaigns.

  • Bespoke strategy tailored to your business
  • Professionally designed, branded email campaign
  • Mailing lists developed from a managed customer database
  • Automated sending of emails in relevant format (HTML & text)
  • Fast delivery of email campaign
  • Efficient and virus free.
  • Follow-up report and analysis.
Let us help you expand into new markets and develop your global sales